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Hello there!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 30, 2013, 3:16 PM
Welcome on my DA profile! =D

According to my profile picture, I'm a 4 years old dog which love run in the grass after his ball and chasing its tail. :la:
And that's probably the best description of me I ever made. :dummy:


:w00t: If you love my work, you can look at my other websites :w00t:

:bulletred: My Society6 shop
:bulletred: My Etsy shop Coming one day...

See you soon on DA!
My brother has finally decided to open a DA account.

So if you want to see his work, it's right here => :iconpyms3110: <=

(Okay it's super empty right now, but he's gonna upload something, really! :XD:)
Hi watchers! :love:

After some requests, I decided to open my own society6 online shop! That's a great experience for me, cause I think about doing something like that since years. I'm really excited about that (even if it don't work later, I'm happy anyways :XD:)

For the moment it's kind of... Empty? But I promise to upload new things as soon as possible! =D

So thank to everyone who made ​​this possible to me ;)
Hello watchers!

My team and I are participating to a French professional competition with our game and we need votes to qualify!
So if some of you were ready to vote for us and spread the link, that could allow us to give a real boost to our careers!

I have nothing to offer in exchange, except thanks and gratitude =P

The link is right here:…

And for those who don't understand french, a translation of the text under the video:

Aquila Fulgurus is a 2D plateformers game, his graphics are inspired by Greek amphorae. We wanted limited colors in shades of black, white and orange. The player will have various invocations to acquire some specific skills and spend always more complex obstacles. It is a game created for the purpose of pure fun. Pitch: The deluge has hit the Earth. Aquila is one of the only survivors. Cursed by Hera and helped by Zeus his father, he must perform various tasks to prove his worth as a demigod, and become full-fledged god to ward off the curse.

Thanks again for watching and/or vote!!
A good friend of mine is started on DA!
I encourage you to see his works ;)

-> :iconmadasama: <-

(And every time you don't click, a kitty dies...)
I've finally almost done my work!

I don't post many things this latest days because of that, and now I'm going to finish the started work and after, work on speed painting.

I should post more from next week... (I hope =D)
I have thanked all of you for have adding my Korra to your favs or collections.

Some people ask me if I gonna make others FanArt of Avatar in the future, and the answer is yes :)
I'm already working on a second Korra, and have 3 other ideas for after.

The only difference is that I would not do a simple copy in my futures works ;)

So be patient, it will be here as soon as possible =D
WOW! :O_o:

I am a bit overwhelmed by the number of favorites on my deviation of Korra. I thank you one by one on your profile, but it takes me time, and the system takes me for a spam :XD:
I'll probably do other deviations like this in the future given the success of the latter.
I also invite you to look at the WIP that I did!

Thank you all.